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Our Core Capabilities

  • With many years of experience with automotive IVI and telematics application development, we know how to work with large, global players on complex and challenging projects.

  • We have deep relationships with automotive suppliers, OEM’s, and automotive eco-system players. This includes some key relationships within insurance, fleet and other industries.

  • We have a long history of supplying Global companies with a large emphasis on Japanese and Asia based companies for providing automotive software solutions.


Connected Car Thought Leader

  • We’ve accumulated a long legacy of forward-thinking in-car solutions and recognize the need for communication-enabled cars.

  • From the consumer perspective, the smartphone is central and the car is an extension of it—and we get that.

  • Our vision and platform let consumers stay smartphone-centric while allowing OEMs to differentiate from one another.

Advanced Map Production Engineering

  • We’ve been working with all major map providers.

  • By performing detailed competitive assessments of all major map providers’ products, we’ve gained deep insight, knowledge of pain points, and wisdom in development decisions.

  • With our understanding of solutions’ strengths and weaknesses, we can help our clients with precision.

Architecture and Engineering

  • Despite very constrained-resource environments, our principals have successfully built management solutions for extremely large data sets.

  • Our team has expertise in an array of software, hardware, and operating systems.

Mobile Devices & Apps, Navigation, and Mapping

  • We offer deep experience in location-based services. Many successful, pioneering solutions on the market are a result of our team.

  • We utilize our intimate knowledge of the map data landscape and work with all of the major map data and data service suppliers.


Services Offered

  • Automotive Systems Integration

  • Navigation and HD Map Integration

  • SiriusXM Integration

  • Amazon Alexa Integration

  • App framework Integration including WebLink, SDL, HTML5

  • Smartphone integration

  • Connectivity Stack Integration

  • Custom HMI Development

  • Concept Engineering including Proof of Concepts


Automotive Embedded Software Development

Our experienced team develops software on the leading automotive embedded operating systems to bring you smartphone integration, infotainment, telematics, maps, and unique user experiences for your drivers, including:


Software Application Development

Our experienced, forward-thinking, and versatile team is equipped to take on your project—no matter the platform or programming language. With deep experience in mobile devices, in-car systems, web apps, and mobile apps, you can trust we know the ins and outs of the field. Let us help you with your next generation smartphone companion app or in-vehicle app experience.

Application Development.png

Cloud Services


Abalta has years of experience building cloud based servers to manage app content and integrate with 3rd party content providers. If you’re looking to build your next generation voice service or create a unique user experience utilizing cloud content, Abalta can help you ideate, develop, and deploy your ideas quickly.

Digital Map Services

Tap into our history of Mapping excellence.

Since we’ve worked with all of the major data sources—and managed data collection, manipulation, and compilation for the leading companies in the industry—we’re ready for whatever mapping challenge you bring us.

Location Based Services.png