Abalta Technologies’ EV Range Estimator to Be on Brammo’s Empulse Electric Motorcycle at the Detroit


<Abalta Technologies’ EV Range Estimator to Be on Brammo’s Empulse Electric Motorcycle at the Detroit>


TORRANCE, CA—(Marketwired – Jun 4, 2013) – Automotive software solution developer, Abalta Technologies (http://www.abaltatech.com), announced today it has adapted its EOLAS-EV range calculation application for the Empulse electric motorcycle from Brammo (http://www.brammo.com), a leading electric vehicle technology company. Abalta’s application will allow Empulse owners to determine optimal route and energy planning. It provides a range overlay so the rider can ascertain the energy range with a short glance. EOLAS-EV also includes sophisticated routing and range management functions, as well as integrating charge station locations from all the major charge station networks.

“Electric vehicle range is determined by multiple factors, some obvious and well understood and some not so well defined,” said Craig Bramscher, CEO and founder of Brammo, Inc. “Abalta has developed an application to expertly blend mapping, routing, traffic conditions and vehicular data together to deliver a highly compelling and accurate companion application for bikers.”

The nature of electric vehicles tends to make their owners more energy conscious than the owners of gasoline powered vehicles. To help them get the most from their electric vehicles, owners truly value tools that help them plan journeys and energy consumption with certainty.

“Abalta’s deep background in mapping and navigation application development and in the electric vehicle space allows us to deliver an excellent application for the owner of any EV,” said Michael O’Shea CEO and founder at Abalta. “Through our work in the connected car arena we can use our expertise to help gather detailed vehicle data such as state of charge and other data to help us deliver a very accurate range prediction algorithm. Working with the Empulse electric motorcycle has been an extraordinary experience for us.”

EOLAS-EV will be demonstrated on the Empulse motorcycle at Telematics Update Detroit (http://www.telematicsupdate.com/detroit), June 5-6 in Abalta’s booth No. 55. To schedule a meeting at the show or to discuss licensing EOLAS-EV, please contact sales@abaltatech.com.

About Brammo
Brammo, Inc. is a leading electric vehicle technology company headquartered in North America. Brammo designs and develops electric vehicles including the award winning Enertia and Empulse motorcycles. Brammo is the current TTXGP eGrandPrix World Champion. Brammo is an OEM supplier of its innovative Brammo Digital Drivetrain systems including the Brammo Power battery pack and Brammo Power vehicle management system. Brammo has vehicle distribution and marketing operations in North America, Europe and Asia. To learn more, visit http://www.Brammo.com .

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