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NOVI, Mich.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Abalta Technologies announced today that it is working with Delphi Automotive PLC(NYSE:DLPH) on a global solution that will provide automakers with another option for bringing infotainment applications and services into the car’s ecosystem. This new technology will be demonstrated at the Telematics Detroit 2014 Conference on June 4-5.

“Delphi already offers a robust portfolio of connectivity solutions. WEBLINK is another option that our customers will have to expand in-vehicle smartphone connectivity across global markets.”

Abalta’s WEBLINK® harnesses the computing power of a smartphone to supply cloud-based content to a vehicle’s infotainment system. WEBLINK pushes the latest internet services, such as navigation and internet radio, from the smartphone’s browser to the infotainment head unit of the car. When the driver upgrades smartphones, WEBLINK will tap into the new phone’s power and capability so that infotainment services will remain state-of-the-art even as the vehicle ages.

WEBLINK serves both cloud-based HTML5 and built-in smartphone applications by pulling content from the cloud to keep up with rapidly evolving infotainment services.

“WEBLINK provides us with an alternative application delivery solution for our OEM customers where limited operating systems are available, such as in China,” said Glen De Vos, vice president, Global Advanced and Product Engineering, Delphi. “Delphi already offers a robust portfolio of connectivity solutions. WEBLINK is another option that our customers will have to expand in-vehicle smartphone connectivity across global markets.”

WEBLINK will offer the following solution benefits to both automakers and consumers:

FUTURE-PROOF: Leverages rapidly evolving smartphone technologies
ENHANCED USER EXPERIENCE: Provides an enhanced user experience over the full life cycle of the vehicle. Cascading style sheets allow automakers to customize suitable user interfaces based on their branding model
SIMPLIFIED APP DEVELOPMENT: Existing HTML5 apps can be easily deployed to the in-vehicle environment
FLEXIBLE: Deployment options capable of handling different infotainment specifications from very low-end to top-of-the-line systems
MULTIPLE PLATFORMS: Runs on major smartphone operating systems including iOS
OPTIMAL SCREEN VIEW: Screens are rendered in the resolution of the in-vehicle display radio, resulting in no image distortions or stretching
GLOBAL: Enables use of major smartphone platforms globally
“We have worked with Delphi since launching WEBLINK in early 2013 because its understanding of the connected car is second to none,” said Michael O’Shea, president and CEO, Abalta Technologies. “With WEBLINK, Delphi can provide its automotive customers an application delivery method that can be tailored based on the car model and local market.”

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