Your custom in-car UX

Get automotive infotainment that’s easy, relevant, and branded. Your customer’s user experience is tailored and customizable, down to the make and model. Deliver a different, brand-relevant experience to your sports car—and your minivan.

  • Control the experience with advertising, and keep data proprietary.
  • Get lean on-board hardware, a cutting-edge, open HTML5 platform, secure cloud management and control, and a fully responsive display.
  • Differentiate and brand your solution—even a generic smartphone integration solution—with WebLink standalone.

How It Works

Leveraging the power of smartphones, WebLink provides rich experiences to in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. Running on any iOS or Android smartphone, the WebLink server creates a virtual app screen with HTML5 or native apps, which is streamed to the IVI system over USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. Running on the IVI system, the WebLink client displays the image stream. User interactions are captured and sent back to the apps running on the smartphone.

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The WebLink advantage

Branded Experience

Differentiate your product and keep your brand front-of-mind. Easily serve your customer a fully customized connected car experience each and every time they bring their smartphone into your car.

Global Platform, Local Solution

Anywhere there’s connected car technology, we’re there. From Brazil to China, we deliver custom solutions. By working with app developers and content providers around the world, we help you provide relevant content to your global market.

Protect Your Relevance

When apps can go from zero to a few hundred million users in just a couple years, it’s important to keep in step. We help you take advantage of these rapid shifts—without requiring new in-vehicle infotainment software or employing extensive engineering.

Scaleable Solution

To deliver on your brand promise, offering a great—and consistent—connected car solution across all models is key. Our solutions operate on the widest range of in-vehicle infotainment platforms of any connected car platform.

Works On All Smartphones

We offer the only platform available that supports the full range of Android and iOS devices on the market today. No matter the smartphone, your vehicle’s unique user experience is the same—without writing separate apps for iOS and Android.


We provide application-level authentication mechanisms that allow full OEM control. With cloud-managed certificates, OAuth integration, and full authentication between the smartphone and IVI system, our connected car technology provides peace of mind.

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WebLink's customizable UX

See our off-the-shelf user experience below. With our team’s help, you’ll customize the in-car experience to reflect your brand and achieve your objectives.

Integrating with WebLink

App & Client Integration Made Easy

Whether you are developing an HTML5 experience or a native app, WebLink integration is a breeze. Embed our WebLink server in your existing branded smartphone app with ease, and deliver the unique in-car brand experience you desire. Our WebLink client software, which runs on the IVI system, is lightweight and resource friendly.

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