High-speed OTA connectivity

SmartLink enables wireless updates to any car without the need to add hardware. By leveraging the connectivity of the driver’s phone, SmartLink establishes a fast and future-proof data pipeline into the vehicle.

  • Conveniently apply vehicle updates wirelessly and avoid costly recalls.
  • Eliminate or reduce costly bandwidth expenses by leveraging the driver’s known Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular connectivity.
  • Smart-caching allows drivers to download updates to their phones ahead of time via Wi-Fi to later upload them to the vehicle.
  • Save significant bandwidth for vehicles that use embedded models.

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The SmartLink advantage

Ultrafast Pipeline

See how over 1.4Mbits/sec Bluetooth revolutionizes the in-car experience. At over 14x standard Bluetooth speeds, we satisfy a need for speed.

Cloud Connection - Without Jailbreaking

Connect to the cloud without your end users compromising their smartphone’s OS, exposing themselves to warranty violations, and collecting dangerous malware.

Trusted Security

Get a highly secure, cloud-managed, consistent connectivity mechanism. Only authorized apps can utilize the data pipe to the IVI system.

Smartphone Connection To IVI

We can connect any smartphone to your in-vehicle system. Our data pipeline works with any smartphone-IVI system combination.

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SmartLink technology in action

Firmware updates over-the-air

With just a smartphone, the firmware in your customer’s vehicle is rapidly brought up to speed.

Vehicle diagnostics

Whether your customer’s car is a traditional vehicle or EV, you can utilize their smartphone to take the pulse of their car.

Map updates over-the-air

Easily sell and deliver map updates to your driver—no dealership visit needed.

Smartphone-driven infotainment

Super fast data means a smooth, frustration-free, smartphone-powered infotainment experience.

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