We stand by our legacy of excellent location-based services. Whether you’re building a usage-based insurance app, helping your customer manage the range on their electric vehicle, or simply trying to use location as part of your big-data, customer-focused solution, we have the technology and experience you need.

Map data compilation

Our solid expertise, plus a range of tools for processing map data to and from a variety of data formats, means you get the very best map data compilation available.

Advanced geospatial algorithm development

Our team develops advanced custom geospatial algorithm software, including routing, guidance, positioning, map display, and driver behavior tools.

Map updates and maintenance

Your app requires current data, which can be difficult to manage. We help you process the constant stream of updates from your map data suppliers.

POI processing

We provide deep expertise with POI data processing, including quality analysis, geocoding, data cleansing/organization, and search algorithms.

Competitive analysis

We have extensive experience in detailed analysis and comparison of map databases from industry leaders.

Location-based analytics

Tying disparate location data together and developing insights is complex. We help you navigate location-based data in the analytics environment.

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Highlights of our location-based services

Driver Behavior Monitoring

  • Get post-drive performance monitoring, real-time alerts, as well as advanced positioning and runtime drive analysis.
  • Fleets and insurance companies alike can benefit from our driver behavior engine.
  • We select the best strategy to fit your unique project.
  • Gain customer insights that matter, whether you’re an OEM or an insurance company.

Driver Behavior Curves

Advanced Mapping Services

  • From the very beginning, our principals have worked in the digital mapping business and are behind many industry innovations.
  • Tap into our specialized skill set to advance your LBS app or solution—and avoid pitfalls.
  • We’ve developed end-to-end software systems for dash navigation, navigation software for personal navigation devices (PNDs), and LBS smartphone apps.
  • Currently we drive LBS advances for EV and driver behavior monitoring apps.

Energy Efficiency

Your EV Safety Net Solution

  • Our patented solution provides a reliable range estimate based on the actual road network.
  • Based on driver habits, vehicle specifications, and even historic traffic data, our EV solution offers accuracy—and reduced range anxiety.
  • Our secure cloud management means fast, up-to-date connectivity.
  • Real-time data, from EV charging stations to dynamic traffic data, enhance usability.

Case studies

See how we offer the best location-based services to our customers.

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If you need assistance with an in-car app, you’ve come to the right place. We have extensive experience in the mobile app and location-based services markets—and we’re prepared to make your app a success.

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