Native vs. Web App Development

Is it time to transition to HTML5?

With the rise of HTML5, the technology world continues to buzz with talk of moving mobile application development from a native approach, whereby an application must be designed and developed for each individual mobile OS, to a web-based approach, in which one can build once and deploy to any device that has a browser.

The latter approach would be a panacea for any company bringing a mobile application to market. There would be no need to worry about the ever-changing dynamics of mobile hardware and operating systems or to fund and maintain multiple variations of the same application.  The user could enjoy ubiquitous access from any screen.  The benefits of using a web-based approach to mobile application development seem enormous, but are technologies such as HTML5 really ready for primetime?

-HTML5 Transition: Transitioning to HTML5 and the hybrid approach
-Pros & Cons: Other valuable additions and WebKit
-Mobile Issues: Common issues in HTML5 mobile applications
-Conclusion: Is the technology mature enough to be used today?

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