Apple’s Siri – A Primer

From time to time, Abalta comes across a perspective from someone in our network that we feel has value to our contacts. Dean Rutter, who is presently a partner at OneAccord, shared with us an article he authored on Apple’s new Siri technology. Given the proliferation of mobile across the market, Siri may have an impact on your products and your business. There has certainly been a lot of discussion, both good and bad, about Apple latest voice-based offering and we hope Dean’s overview can provide some enlightenment on the potential of this new technology from Apple.

Dean Rutter’s Background
Dean A. Rutter is a broadly experienced business leader who has spent the past 19 years founding and helping build businesses from concept to exit after a 10-year start with Accenture.  He has founded five businesses, including,  and has worked with C-level leadership so he understands growth businesses, entrepreneurs, owners and founders.  Dean has also raised private and institutional capital, invested and sat on private company boards so he understands investors. He is currently a partner with OneAccord, an interim leadership firm that serves small- to mid-market businesses with a concentration on improving revenues.

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